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Table of attack and defense types and their interactions.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

There are 9 types of attack and defense in Post Scriptum CTG. Here we have the table that shows the interactions between different types of attack and defense in a sorted way that might help players to build a more complicated strategy during the game. The table should be read like this: In the left column we have attack types that interact with the types of defense on the same line. The numbers represent advantage or disadvantage against other types .

Let’s take a look at the wounding attack for example, it is in column 1 line 1.

It does not have any advantage or disadvantage against wound type defense. It gives an advantage of +1 stone when attacking creatures that have bleed type defense. Wound type attack is super effective against poison type defense and that gives it +2 stones as can be seen in column 5. Wounding attack is not effective against injury type and shock type defense, which gives it -1 stone. Wound type attack is quite ineffective against frost type defense, according to column 9. This means -2 stones to wound attack against creatures that have frost type defense.

You can download the table in a big resolution here. If you have any questions about the game we will gladly answer them on our Discord server.

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