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Post Scriptum Collectible Token Game: update and roadmap is here!

Check out our game on Steam for free here.

Latest update: Mechanics & Ease of Use (month of June):

- We have made changes to the mechanics of the player’s move: the player now can act while he has energy. He can put new tokens on the table at the cost of those units and act for 1 energy with units that are already standing on the board;

- When the player puts the unit on the board it is considered a separate action, after it the unit can’t attack or move, but after skipping a move units may use their support abilities;

- We have added an ability for players to choose player color before the game;

- We have added an interactive tutorial to the game, which, we hope, will slightly lower the entry level threshold ;)

- We have added highlighting of units with which the ability to support the selected unit can interact.

- There is going to be a transition of the game into a free game with preservation of all existing game modes.

Next update: The Looks & Sounds (Q4 2020)

- Adding images to the characteristics of each unit;

- Updated 3D unit models on the board with elements of the player’s color to better distinguish different units;

- Adding more animations to units;

- Adding more sounds to units;

- Adding more musical themes that should change depending on the situation on the board.

Collector Update (far future)

- Own collection - a table with interactive elements;

- Adding the ability to open boosters with units;

- Ability to record the history of each unit in the tangle;

- Rating games with pre-assembled armies;

- Tournaments.

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