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The Wicked Days Update: Halloween map, close combat weapons, armor and flamingo!

We have a Halloween night map, new weapons, armor and a flamingo!

Have a great Halloween! We have made a Halloween event night map in the game and we think that it's spooky! :3 The rest of the important parts of this update are described below.

Major changes:

  • The map was changed into a Halloween map!

  • Added new types of melee weapons:

  1. Knife

  2. Chopping knife

  3. Katana

  4. Flamingo. Yes, it's a deadly flamingo.

  • Added new perks:

  1. Added the Wicked Shooter perk - when using ranged weapons that use bullets, the chance to deal critical damage is increased by 10%

  2. Added the perk Wicked Surge - when dealing damage with fists, the character becomes invulnerable for one second

  3. Added perk Radar - adds display of enemies and items on the minimap

  • Added body armor:

  1. Light Body Armor - HP 50, absorbs 50% of incoming damage

  2. Medium Body Armor - HP 100, absorbs 60% of incoming damage

  3. Heavy Body Armor - HP 150, absorbs 70% of incoming damage

  • Added a bar with the durability of the body armor

  • The map now rotates with the character

  • Changed UI character abilities

  • Added hints during loading

  • Added ammo for flamethrower

  • The minimap marker now lies over the minimap borders

  • Hints no longer appear on the start loading screen

  • When activating the safehouse, the message “Safehouse activated” appears now

  • Marvin's car is now invulnerable until the quest to refuel and repair it is completed

  • Added "Back" button to character selection menu

Corrections and bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing the game to freeze when minimizing the game during loading

  • Fixed a bug in which not all objects on the mini-map turned with it

  • Fixed a bug where the character stopped running after firing any weapon

  • Fixed a bug where the character could not crouch with a melee weapon in his hands

  • Fixed a bug where the character was not displayed on the minimap while in the car

  • Fixed a bug where dead enemies remained on the radar

  • Fixed a bug where the pry bar could hit through walls

  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the doors in the bunker

  • Fixed a bug where the bossfight did not end even after killing the boss

  • Fixed a bug where you could get stuck in the car when leaving the bunker

  • Fixed bugs related to quests

  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to pick up cards in the bunker, even after completing the quest

  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to complete the quest in the bunker if the character died in it and returned

  • Fixed a bug where the first aid kit did not disappear when used

  • Fixed a bug where a pop-up window with a suggestion to enter the bunker did not disappear

  • Fixed a bug where the map did not switch to night mode after leaving the bunker

  • Fixed a bug in which a message appeared prompting you to get into the car when the character was already in the car

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