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The Wicked Days Update: New Perks, a Cup and a Map!

We have some bugfixes and updates here in a list also a cup and a map


We already have 1000 subscribers on Twitter! Several of them are especially active, they play our game, write feedback and support the project in every possible way. They are cute! We wanted to thank them and made some The Wicked design mugs. We are ready to send a free physical mug to all those who find a hidden digital mug inside our game and send a screenshot in response to our holiday triter thread!

Here's a thread on Twitter itself: The Wicked 1000 subs Twitter Thread. You can participate too! The rest of the important parts of this update are described below.

Major changes:

  • Added new perks:

  1. Added Anatomist perk - when using melee, the chance to deal critical; damage is increased by 25%

  2. Added perk Double jump;

  • Added a bar with HP for the boss;

  • Added a map (activate using M button);

  • Added the ability to change the brightness in settings;

  • Changed the number of rounds to the following:

  1. Automatic: 30/120;

  2. Shotgun: 6/24;

  3. Pistol: 16/32;

  • Improved quest system;

  • Added boxes with ammo to the map, using which the character can replenish ammunition.

New melee weapons and body armor are planned for the next update!

Corrections and bugfixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the cooldown of the character's abilities in the car was; not displayed

  • Fixed a bug where cra