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Working on The Wicked Days: stealth system and finishing moves!

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

We are getting ready for an update for The Wicked Days: stealth system, gun while you run, finishing moves and more!

We are actively working on a new update.

We have made some changes and additions to our inside game build. After some more testing and bug fixing we will roll out the update to the public. Players will have finishing moves, can be sneaky or can be loud and can gun while they run. Zombies will be able hear noises and have line of sight! The rest of the parts of the future update are described below in detail.

Major changes:

  • Player is now able to shoot on the run

  • Added finishing moves

  • Added partial controller support

  • Improved AI for military soldiers and zombies

  • Added stealth system:

  1. Mobs now can hear noise and have line of sight

  2. All mobs can be killed with stealth move from behind

  3. Melee and range weapons now make noises

  4. Stealth kills do not make noises

  5. Running makes noises

  6. Player now can sneak

  7. If player sneaks, less noise is made

  • Added new mob type: "military radio operator". If you trigger the radio operator, he triggers all the mobs in his group. The radio operator will be a separate type of mob in the group (visually different);

  • Added a perk that allows you to see the line of sight of mobs. The line of sight is a cone with a view on the ground;

  • Added reaction speed to enemies at which they notice the character if one is spotted in the line of sight.

Other changes :

  • Added roll move [“Q” button]

  • Accelerated unarmed character turning

  • Updated the boss model