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The Wicked Days

Post Sriptum RPG: Приветствие


The Wicked Days is an action-packed shooter set in a godforsaken wilderness in a small town of Beavercity. Inexplicable events will be echoes of the difficult past. Why is everyone against you? Arm yourself to the teeth, jump in a car and move out to explore a dangerous world in search of answers.

Right now our game available on Steam. Check it out!


Longread Lore


In the beginning of the Vietnam War, Marvin Todds' squad was assigned a special mission to escort a civilian to the alleged UFO crash site. The civilian being a government bioengineer by the name Emmerich von Monsardo.

But as soon as they arrived at the destination, a bright sphere of expanding light blinded everyone.

When Marvin regained his consciousness, the squad, along with the civilian, was on their way to the base. No one could remember what happened at the facility. The incident was quickly hushed up.

However, in time each of the squad members discovered a supernatural ability - strength, speed or endurance would reach a new level. They could jump over rivers, run faster than cars and break down trees with their bare hands with little effort.

15 years later

Retired Colonel Marvin Todds, spent his quiet evenings in the backyard of his cozy house, sitting in an armchair, chaotically switching TV channels. The growing feeling that something was wrong had not left him for the last few years. Deciding to think about it more, he went to shoot bottles.

Marvin had hardly put the pistol in the holster, when he heard the rumble of a falling plane diving straight towards him onto his yard.
"What the hell is going on here ?!" - the old man had just the time to say, as right in front of him out of nowhere materialised the first monster. The same kind of monster from trashy films that helped Marvin to drown out flashbacks before bedtime.

Only this time it was not a dream - this was the world of The Wicked Days...

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